Gangs of Lahore

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The latest shootout at Allama Iqbal International Airport exposed how Lahore has frequently been terrorized by gangs of seasoned criminals and forced the issue of how the armed men proceeded to enter a high-security area.

Last week, exactly on the grounds of Allama Iqbal International Airport, a 30-year-old man by the name of Zain Ali was believed to have been murdered by gunmen. A case was filed against seven individuals, including the elder brother of the late Babar Butt, the general secretary of the PPP in Lahore, based on the uncle of the deceased’s reproach.

In addition to raising numerous issues about how the armed men managed to enter a (possibly) high-security area, the incident revealed how Lahore has frequently been attacked by groups of seasoned criminals that include drug dealers, kidnappers, hired killers, land grabbers, extortionists, and even student leaders.

These criminals have mostly operated in small areas of the inner city, where they have prospered from the capacity to carry weapons and made a lot of “influential” connections with members of the government and governmental elite. They have a track record for moving around with automatic guns drawn and being followed by a motorcade of several dozen guards.

It makes sense why law enforcement would be reluctant to apprehend them. If these mob bosses are captured at all, the investigations are frequently so shoddy that they result in a clean sheet of work. Many of them are subsequently slain in what are seen to be “staged” (read extrajudicial) police clashes.

To put it politely, some of these people’s real-life tales are so “colorful” that they were made into films.

Zafri belonged to a group headed by Malik Nisar Khokhar’s adversary Kalu Shah Puria. Despite having related, Puria and Khokhar had a falling out about a property dispute. The Nisar family suffered greatly as a result of the rivalry; right now, just one male member remains.

Renowned criminals such as Nawaz Butt alias Naji Butt, Bhola Sunyara, Humayun Gujjar, Waheed (alias Wheedian), Kalia, Pinki, Khalid Chitta, Khalid Naiwala, and Shahid Lamba were part of a formidable gang that was created by Hanif aka Hanifa and Shafique alias Baba. Afterward, they united with the faction led by Khawaja Shakeel, also known as Gogi Butt, and Khawaja Tareef Gulshan, also known as Teefi Butt. Only Wheedian, Pinki, Shahid Lamba, Khalid Naiwala, and Khalid Chitta have made it out alive.

They are thought to be behind the abortive attempt on Arif Ameer, also known as Tipu Truckanwala, which was halted in May of last year outside the Evacuee Trust Property Board headquarters. This was the second attempt of its kind, and the gunfight brought about the deaths of at least five people and the injuries of eleven more, including Tipu. This event is thought to be connected to the murders of Zafri Nath and four other people. In the Evacuee Board case, Tipu, the accused, asserts he was appointed solely to yield to pressure from Gogi and Teefi Butt and drop his complaint against them.

Tipu is the son of Ameeruddin, also known as Billa Truckanwala, a powerful guy who worked in the 1990s as a commodities transporter. He was connected.

They are suspected of being responsible for the failed attempt on Arif Ameer, popularly known as Tipu Truckanwala, that was stopped in front of the Evacuee Trust Lands Board workplaces in May of the previous year. This was the second attempt of its sort, and in the gunfire, 11 individuals—including Tipu—were injured in addition to at least five others dying. Zafri Nath’s murder and the deaths of four other persons are believed to be linked to this incident. The accused, Tipu, claims he was appointed in the Evacuee Board case only to give in to pressure from Gogi and Teefi Butt and withdraw his accusation against them.

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